PCA Consultants is a full service real estate consulting firm specializing in meeting the third party due diligence needs of its clients active in the acquisition, finance or securitization of real estate. Clients depend on PCA Consultants' skills to provide the following range of services:

Property Condition Reports

  • Preparation of descriptions of the building’s systems and components.
  • Review and analysis of property component conditions, including foundation, structure, exterior cladding, roofing and MEP systems.
  • Preparation of repair and/or replacement cost estimates to correct deficiencies.
  • Capital Reserve Analysis (Physical Needs Over the Term) is provided when requested.
  • Preparation of lists of recommended upgrades to site and buildings.
  • Summary review and comment checklist regarding conformance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Architectural Guidelines.
  • Review of property code compliance status.

Phase 1 Environmental Reports

  • Preparation of descriptions of the building and site systems and components.
  • Reports conform to current ASTM standards.
  • Identifies and evaluates the environmental concerns of the subject site and adjoining properties.
  • Review and comment on property risks through historical and regulatory agencies, site observations and interviews.
  • Testing and evaluation for asbestos, lead in water, lead-based paint and radon gas.

Construction Monitoring

  • Independent overview of the proposed construction.
  • Evaluation and commentary regarding adequacy of construction documents (Document Review Report)
  • Budget analysis (Cost Analysis Report)
  • On-going observation of the construction progress (Monthly Field Reports)
  • Evaluation of quality of the work.
  • Review of Payment Requests to assure that the work in place equals the amounts requested and that adequate money remains to complete the work.
  • Evaluation of conformance of the work to the construction documents.
  • Evaluation of the project code compliance.
  • Review of the project construction schedule.
  • Review and recommendation of change orders.
  • Final certification of the completed work.